Streamline and Orchestrate Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) for enterprise Gen AI applications
Secure, scalable and customizable enterprise-grade AI ecosystem that seamlessly integrates with your data and workflows, tailored to achieve your unique business objectives.
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AI DIAL Core Features

Privacy and Security

AI DIAL places significant emphasis on maintaining data privacy and security by adhering to the best practices of the chosen cloud platform. Access to your prompts is restricted to authorized users, and your sensitive business and personal information is not shared with third-party systems.

Flexibility and Quick Launch

AI DIAL utilizes open-source components, is completely cloud and model-agnostic, and can be deployed in any Kubernetes environment as a self-hosted or a cloud solution. The platform offers access to an extensive range of conversational LLM models from various cloud providers and the open-source community.

Integration with Your Data

The AI DIAL Extension Framework enables seamless integration of your corporate data and workflows into Large Language Models (LLM) to enrich enterprise applications. This enables a chat application to be aware of your private data with support of entitlements.

Customizable UI

The entire chat application's appearance is fully customizable, allowing you to modify menus, options, and configurations to suit your preferences. The chat can display visual elements such as diagrams, charts, graphs, images, and math formulas when the conversation requires them.

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      import CHATAIOverlay from './script.js';

      const chatAiOverlay = new CHATAIOverlay('http://localhost:3000');

Other Essential Features


All features are accessible through APIs, making AI DIAL an ideal component for productivity applications and other integrations.logo

Collect, Share, and Replay Prompts

You can save and share conversations with colleagues. Any conversation can be replayed, ensuring important details are not lost.logo

Chat Overlay

Chat overlay allows you to add AI conversation to your web application with zero effort by simply inserting a short HTML block.logo

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