AI DIAL Platform

AI DIAL (Deterministic Integrator of Applications and LLMs) serves as a single access point, merging cloud-exclusive and open-source models with traditional data and knowledge bases, and offering a unified natural language interface for the entire organization.


Essential Features and Concepts

Load Balancer

Even cloud providers struggle to meet the growing demand for AI applications. Our intelligent load balancer efficiently addresses this issue by balancing the load across multiple model instances.


All features are accessible through APIs, making AI DIAL an ideal component for productivity applications and other integrations.

Customizable UI

The entire chat application's appearance is fully customizable, allowing you to modify menus, options, and configurations to suit your preferences. The chat can display visual elements such as diagrams, charts, graphs, images, and math formulas when the conversation requires them.

Diverse AI Models

AI DIAL offers access to an extensive range of conversational LLM models from various cloud providers and the open-source community. The system also enables LLMs to orchestrate the utilization of other AI models in the form of pluggable tools.


AI DIAL utilizes state-of-the-art models for multilingual speech recognition, such as Whisper-Large-v2, ensuring accurate and reliable voice interactions.


Chat overlay allows you to add AI conversation to your web application with zero effort. A minimal version of the application with preconfigured settings can be added to any existing web application as a chat assistant by simply inserting a short HTML block.

More Features

Privacy & Security

Refer to Data Privacy & Security to learn about data privacy and security features.

Analysis and Cost Management

Refer to Life Cycle to learn about analysis and cost management features.

Extension Framework

Refer to Extension Framework to learn about integration of data and business workflows into LLMs.