Privacy and Security of Data

EPAM is renowned for its strong emphasis on data security. All sensitive information, API keys and logs, are stored according to the best practices of the selected cloud platform, utilizing systems like GCP Cloud Key Management Service, AWS Secrets Manager, Azure Key Vault, and Vault by HashiCorp.

Self-Hosted Components

AI DIAL consists only of self-hosted components or services of trusted vendors (like Microsoft Azure) that guarantees that data sent will be never used for anything but processing the request.

Secure Logging

AI DIAL collects the logs (prompts and responses) into a secured log store owned and accessible exclusively by your organization. System components are configured correctly to leave no traces (for instance opt out Azure OpenAI human review process).

Customizable Authentication

AI DIAL can integrate with your organization's Single Sign-On (SSO) system, supporting any OpenID Connect provider.

Call Anonymizer

To comply with data privacy regulations, we anonymize all API calls before logging them retaining only information essential for analytics.


The system adheres to an organization's data access policies, considering that users may have limited data access.

Protection of Sensitive Information

AI DIAL prioritizes data privacy and security by following best practices of the selected cloud platform, restricting access to authorized users, and safeguarding sensitive business and personal information from third-party systems.